Hello there. If you can see this page that means either (1) you want to know how to change your resolution or (2) you just wanted to see what i would say.

either way, here goes nothing.

Your "resolution" is actually the number of pixels being displayed on the screen. For example if your resolution is 640 by 480 you are showing Six hundred and Forty pixels over Four hundred and Eighty lines. What you say? Well... it makes everything on your screen smaller and gives you more space to move windows around in. That sound better? :) For more information click this and you will know more than i do. Ok... so on to changing your resolution. Let me caution you... if your monitor (screen) is real old, don't bother. Accept my apologies and press the "back" button. The chances are kinda up there that your monitor either wont like 1024x768 resolution much OR it might just go haywire on you, and you will know what i mean if it has happened to you. In almost all versions of MS Windows changing your resolution is basically the same. Except windows 3.1 or lower.. and if you are using that right now i have no words for you. Minimize all windows that you have open... easily accomplished by "right clicking" on the "task bar" (you know, around where the clock is) and go to MINIMIZE ALL WINDOWS. Ha! Now "right click" again on the "desktop".... that place where you have the snoopy wallpaper... and go to properties. Now click the "Settings" tab... its in the top right of that window under the X. Near the bottom right of this Settings window is the resolution slider. Drag it on up to 1024X768. Then press APPLY and things should go smooth, and all should look a lil smaller than it did before. All this was just to display the lil page a little better. Hey i didn't tell you to click it.

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