The LABB is a program by the Society For Children and Families, started with the help of Josh Levine. The first "Labb" is on Staten Island NY, and since then the example that it put forward helped start two other "Labb's" in other boroughs of New York. It is a computer center that provides computer access, word processors, image editing, technical knowledge and many of the most popular computer games, and many other things educational.

Almost Every day we get forty or more teens and children, who look towards The Labb as a sort of safe haven, a place where they don't fight, they don't swear, and make new friends that they might have never met. If The Labb has changed one kid's life, it was all worth it... The Labb has changed many children's lives in ways that they dont see, and in ways that they see every day. When their parents and grandparents ask "what do you want to do with your life" they now have an idea, they know what they can do and they see how fast they can learn. Every child and teen has the ability to excel in the field of computers... but not every child and teen knows it. They need something to bring it out in them, an environment where they can learn freely while remembering that life is fun. If you are interested in seeing some of the kids that attend The Labb, click the "Labb Life" Link at the bottom, and look at the smiles.

Do you have some used computer equipment or supplies that you're looking to donate to a worthy cause? The Labb accepts donations and volunteer assistance... Any one with knowledge to share and wants to host a class or seminar at The Labb will be welcome with open arms. There are hungry minds here. If you would like to donate equipment to be used by the children, we will be more than happy to give you a receipt for your donation, making it tax-deductible. Give a little, get a little. In the end its the kids that win.