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Staten Island, New York, 10301
(718) 981-3329 or (718) 981-3518

"Really think about what you want to do,
then think about what you have to do" - D. White

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Welcome to The Labb's homepage. The different parts of this well worn homepage are listed below along the bottom... and if they aren't please click this and tell someone who will actually fix it.

In these pages are many years of history, lives that have grown and developed, a computer center that has changed so many lives on Staten Island. It is unique in the New York area - A free computer center for children to do what they want - founded with exactly that purpose in mind.

Do you want to contact The Labb? We can be reached by phone at (718) 981-3329/981-3518 or by email through the webmaster, Hass, at Our address is listed at the top of this page, underneath the logo. Thank you for your interest. :)

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Last updated 12-27-01

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